thermoforming of packaging sealing plate with ruby red teflon


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Thermoforming Thermoforming is the process by which a piece with a certain shape is obtained. It starts with a sheet or plate of semi-finished thermoplastic which, by applying heat and using a vacuum with a mould or die, softens, and adapts to the shape of the mould. The heat applied must be the correct one […]

ptfe cataphoresis for agricultural machinery rotor


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Cataphoresis Cataphoresis is a method of coating by immersion that consists of the contribution of a solid component with an electrical charge and in dispersion on the surface of the object to be coated with an opposite electrical charge. In this process, cathodic electrodeposition occurs, where the charged particles move within an electric field towards […]

Tefloning a multihead slider bucket with Xylan


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Tefloning Tefloning is the action of applying a fluoropolymer coating to the surface of parts used in any type of industry to obtain non-stick or anti-corrosion properties. The origin of the word “tefloning” comes from Teflon®, the brand patented by Dupont to name PTFE. Tefloned workpieces This expression is used to refer, in a generic […]

Blue Hot Melt Fusion ceramic coating for packaging deposit

Ceramic coatings

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Ceramic coatings Ceramic coatings are silicon-based coatings with excellent non-stick properties and superior heat resistance that are very useful in many industrial sectors, such as the household sector. They have similar properties to PTFE coatings. Benefits of ceramic coatings Very smooth surface Excellent anti-adherence High thermal resistance Longer durability Ease of cleaning In the kitchen, […]

endless screw with Xylan fluoropolymer for meat sector


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Fluoropolymer A fluoropolymer is a fluorocarbon-based polymer with multiple carbon and fluorine bonds. It is characterised by a high resistance to solvents, acids, and bases. Fluoropolymers share the non-stick and low-friction properties of fluorocarbons. Thanks to the multiple carbon and fluorine bonds, they are mechanically characterized as thermoset or thermoplastic. They can be homopolymers (macromolecules […]

Peek polymer for butterfly valve in the chemical sector


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Polymer A polymer is a macromolecule derived from the union of monomers or single molecules. They form long chains by joining to each other, being the base of materials, such as wood or leather. Given their importance, they have always been the object of study, managing to understand their composition and achieving artificial synthesis to […]

Teflon bar for graphic sector roller

Teflon bar

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Teflon bar The Teflon bar is used in industrial sectors and it can be round or square. These bars are made of polytetrafluoroethylene, offer minimum friction and are resistant to a wide variety of chemical products. Teflon bar properties Its properties are those of teflon: Chemical stability Thermal resistance Extraordinary anti-adherence Resistant to sunlight Mechanical […]

Vacuum screws for machines with liquid teflon

Liquid teflon

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Liquid teflon Liquid teflon is the form in which this fluoropolymer appears when applied in thin layers to a substrate. Application and properties of liquid teflon Dependendo das propriedades que o revestimento deve ter, um tipo de teflon líquido ou outro deve ser escolhido: According to anti-adherence or release capacity: Teflon FEP According to working […]

sealing plate with green Xylan for the packaging industry


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PTFE PTFE or Polytetrafluoroethylene is a fluorine-based polymer discovered in 1938. Thanks to the replacement of hydrogen atoms by fluorine atoms, it is an inert material that is highly resistant to chemicals. It is the fluoropolymer with the lowest coefficient of friction and the highest resistance to temperature, with a great impermeability and maintaining its qualities […]

dosing hopper with Halar ectfe


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ECTFE ECTFE (ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene) is a semi-crystalline polymer based on fluorine, carbon, chlorine, and ethylene that was designed to provide high corrosion resistance. It is a high thickness coating and can be processed in the molten state. It offers excellent chemical resistance at a working temperature of up to 150ºC. ECTFE Properties Good fire resistance Good electrical […]