Non-stick and anti-corrosive coatings:
solutions for industry


conjuntos de forma de pão


Comprehensive service for industrial bakeries: design, construction, repair and maintenance of tins and trays.

revestimentos antiaderentes para panificação no Brasil


We apply the entire range of Testrong® bakeware coatings for industrial bakeries as a part of our comprehensive service.

revestimentos técnicos para a indústria


Experts at applying the best non-stick and anti-corrosive treatments, such as teflon, for industrial sectors.

Quem somos

Founded in 1999, the objective of Praimer Revestimentos Anti-Aderentes Ltda is the application of technical coatings for industrial sectors in Brazil, especially for the industrial bakeries sector. Joining the Coatresa Group in 2008 provided Praimer with advanced technology and extensive experience in surface treatments from the European market.

With 5000m2, we have one of the most modern and automatized production plants of our region, with equipment for automated application of technical coatings. We are the only appliers of Testrong coatings for bakeware.

Praimer: revestimentos para panificação e industriais no Brasil


Surface treatment is a process that requires knowledge of the properties of the two elements involved: the surface and the coating. Our experience in applying technical coatings is backed by various certifications.

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