Policy updated May 25, 2022.

We at PRAIMER are committed to the privacy and protection of the personal data of our website users, customers, partners and service providers and we consider this topic to be one of our most important values.

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) aims to expose how we collect, use, process, store, share and protect personal data obtained through your access and navigation on our website.

Who we are?

PRAIMER REVESTIMENTOS ANTIADERENTES S/A, duly registered with CNPJ nº 03.318.555/0001-74, headquartered at Rodovia BR-376, km 505, CEP 84043-450, Colônia Dona Luiza, Ponta Grossa-PR.

How can you contact us about privacy-related matters?

Direct your questions and requests to the Person in Charge for the processing of personal data by PRAIMER (“DPO”)” through one of the contacts below:

• lgpd@praimer.com.br
• BR-376 Highway, km 505, CEP 84043-450, Colônia Dona Luiza, Ponta Grossa-PR

What personal data do we collect about you?

PRAIMER collects the personal data of users who browse our website or who use our products or services.

Considering that PRAIMER’s social objective is focused on the B2B (business to business) model, personal data is collected on a small scale. We collect as little personal data as possible to achieve the purposes for which such data was collected, as provided in this Policy. Below are indications of which personal data we collect and use and for what purposes we do so:

Why do we collect data using cookies?

Our website may use cookies. In cases where cookies are used, a statement will be sent to your browser explaining the use of cookies and asking for your consent1.

When you browse our website, PRAIMER collects the following types of Cookies:

Essential cookies – are used to collect information that allows the correct and proper functioning of the website when you access it. For example, they are used to identify users, ensure control of checks, adjust the display of content to the device, etc.

Analysis cookies (Analytics) – are used to collect information about your use of the website, so we can evaluate how your interactions with the website are to improve not only our services, but also your experience when accessing the website. For example, what content interests you, how often you access the site, information about clicks on the pages on the site, etc.

Preference cookies – are used to collect information that allows us to check what your interests and preferences are, so that we can offer our services that are related to your interests. For example, what type of content do you access the most, preferences in using the sites, etc.

With the exception of essential cookies that cannot be disabled, as this would make it impossible for you to access the website, you may, at any time, deactivate the use of other cookies or even delete them, by managing cookies2 and by carrying out adjustments to your browser or device settings.

We recommend that you visit the website of the browser you normally use or the manufacturer of your device, for more information on how to proceed.

PRAIMER uses Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Google Analytics to automatically collect information, which through analysis cookies identifies browsing patterns on our website, generating reports on its activities. We recommend reading the privacy policies of Facebook, LinkedIn and Google, available at https://br.linkedin.com/legal/privacy-policy?src=or-search&veh=www.google.com, https://www. .facebook.com/policy.php and https://policies.google.com/privacy, respectively, for a better understanding of the handling of information collected by analytics cookies.

Does PRAIMER share your data with third parties?

Your information is treated with due confidentiality and under no circumstances will we sell your information.

PRAIMER only shares your data with third parties when necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes proposed here and for subcontracting services.

Therefore, your information may be shared to:

• Provision of PRAIMER services. In its internal processes, if services are subcontracted by PRAIMER, personal data of the holders may be shared, such as for the use of the internal control system, hosting provider, means of payment, etc.

• Compliance with PRAIMER’s interests and rights. In the event of judicial or administrative litigation, to protect PRAIMER’s rights, comply with a legal obligation or comply with a court order.

• Reescorporate structure. PRAIMER and the other companies that make up the economic group may have access to your information, always observing the purpose and need for this access, without prejudice to the possibility of full transfer of your data in corporate reorganization events (merger, spin-off and incorporation) . In these hypotheses, sharing information is essential for the continuity of the exercise of social activities.

Does PRAIMER carry out the international transfer of personal data?

Eventually, personal information may be shared with partners and suppliers located abroad, such as for contracting a cloud storage or server service. For this, PRAIMER requires that these agents demonstrate a level of compliance similar to or more rigorous than that provided for in the applicable Brazilian legislation.

In addition, considering that PRAIMER is part of the COATRESA GROUP, headquartered in Spain, the international transfer of data that is necessary for the fulfillment of a contract involving the data subject or to meet the demands of the economic group may occur.

In the event of an international transfer of personal data processed by PRAIMER, it will comply with the Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) established by GRUPO COATRESA, articles 33 to 36 of the LGPD and Chapter V of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union) .

What are the rights related to privacy and data protection and how to exercise them?

PRAIMER understands the importance of guaranteeing the exercise of the rights of data subjects, in particular the provisions of art. 18 of Law No. 13,709/2018 (“LGPD”).

In this sense, rights such as: confirmation of the existence of treatment, revocation of consent, access, correction, blocking or deletion, information on shared use, among others, can be exercised through the contact lgpd@praimer.com.br

How does PRAIMER protect your data?

PRAIMER strictly observes the policies and the best and most robust security procedures in the market to protect personal data from unauthorized access and accidental or illegal situations of destruction, loss, alteration, communication or dissemination.

Among such mechanisms, we highlight the following: firewalls, encryption solutions, access control through credentials, management of access profiles by levels, with a biannual review of criticality, vulnerability management processes, etc.

Despite all care, we know that the network environment is subject to incidents, and even if we adopt all available security measures to prevent it, security cannot be absolutely guaranteed against all existing threats if the circumstances inherent to the architecture are considered. from Internet.

In addition, we constantly train our employees on the importance of data protection in order to keep them up to date with the best market practices.

How long will we keep your data?

If there is no longer a need to use personal data, either by fulfilling the purpose for which the data was collected, by revocation of consent or at the request of the Holder, PRAIMER will provide for the deletion of personal data, except if it is obliged to store it for a period legal or by judicial or administrative determination.

Thus, whenever applicable, we exclude unnecessary or excessive personal data, always striving for the principle of minimization.

Final considerations

PRAIMER will update and adjust the Privacy Policy regularly, as necessary to reflect its privacy practices and personal data protection, as well as any regulatory updates required by the National Authority for Data Protection (“ANPD”).

We are available to clarify any other questions related to privacy and data protection through our channel lgpd@praimer.com.br