Tefloning a multihead slider bucket with Xylan


Tefloning is the action of applying a fluoropolymer coating to the surface of parts used in any type of industry to obtain non-stick or anti-corrosion properties. The origin of the word "tefloning" comes from Teflon®, the brand patented by Dupont to name PTFE.

Tefloned workpieces

This expression is used to refer, in a generic way, to the use of Teflon® or other brands of coatings to cover the surface of different pieces and achieve non-stick or anti-corrosive properties, increasing the useful life and improving maintenance and performance. It is applied in many industrial sectors such as:

  • Food sector
  • Chemical sector
  • Automotive sector

Tefloned molds

By applying Teflon coatings or other brands of non-stick coatings, moulds are coated to achieve, apart from the benefits detailed above, easy demolding to improve the industrial process.

Tefloned pots

This action is used to refer, in a general way, to the fact that Teflon® or another brand of non-stick coating is used to treat the surface of pots and pans in the kitchenware sector. Its main objective is anti-adherence.

tefloning with Xylan Eclipse a thermal mirror for plastic sealing
tefloning cheese machine with Xylan 8810
teflon an infinity with white teflon for pastry
tefloning ink collection tray with blue teflon