Industrial coatings

revestimentos técnicos para a indústria

We offer a service for applying high-performance technical coatings to all industrial sectors, thereby allowing them to optimise their production.

Our R&D Department is constantly working on analysing and optimising the characteristics of products such as Teflon®, Xylan®, Molykote®, Halar® and Rilsan®. Permanent contact with the main raw materials manufacturers in the world allows us to offer solutions that provide our customers with the best-performing products. Our philosophy is to continuously evolve with the most advanced technology. This is the only way we can be a benchmark.

The various industrial sectors each have their own particular characteristics, which is why coatings application services must be able to adapt. Depending on the substrate, we apply fluorinated coatings with thicknesses of between 20 and 50 microns, although there are sectors that require higher performance and high corrosion resistance, such as the chemical and petrochemical sector, for which thicknesses of 0.5-1 mm are applied.

Our industrial coatings application service extends to all sectors: automotive, aeroespace, kitchenware, packaging, food, chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, graphics , etc.

Sectors in which industrial coatings are applied

revestimentos industriais para automotivo e aeroespacial


automotivo: ferramentas para pintura

The car or automotive industry needs innovative solutions that develop as the sector evolves in order to provide parts with top performance. PRAIMER therefore offers solutions based on high-performance, micrometric coatings that are environmentally friendly. At the same time, we conduct research and search for new solutions that offer added value to the industry’s customers.

revestimentos antiaderentes para máquinas alimentação


Machine stoppage times in the food industry have an impact on the production process, which means that such stops must be minimised. To avoid these stoppages, the accumulation of food remains must be avoided, otherwise it will translate into weighing and filling errors. The solution is to ensure high non-stick quality that allows foods to slip off correctly. Every production process is unique, so every solution is adapted to the customer’s needs.

máquinas de alimentação: revestimentos-antiaderentes para dispensador de queijo
revestimentos antiaderentes para utensílios de cozinha


utensílios de cozinha: revestimento antiaderente para panela

The constant evolution in this sector means continuous updating and innovation. At PRAIMER, we have the most advanced technologies to satisfy the demands of this exacting sector, in which both efficiency and aesthetics are important. We use basic products such as PTFE or innovative products such as ceramic coatings, while always maintaining the objective of high non-stick properties and durability.

revestimento anticorrosivo industrial para química e petroquímica


We offer the application of thick thermoplastic coatings in a sector in which high performance is a must. Surface preparation, automated painting or paint applied by our highly qualified professionals is backed by our extensive experience, which is essential in the chemical and petrochemical sector.

química: revestimento anticorrosivo para flange com membrana
revestimento antiaderente para embalagem


embalagem: revestimento antiaderente para dosagem em pó

In the packaging process, components must be non-stick in order to optimise their job and reduce costs. The high thermal resistance of the fluorinated coatings we apply is a must (including FEP, PTFE and PFA), given that packaging reaches high temperatures to ensure an optimal seal.

revestimentos antiaderentes industriais


In all industrial sectors, non-stick properties are required at some point in the process. PRAIMER offers non-stick solutions in any sector, for which we analyse the problem and offer the best solution that adapts to the customer’s needs, either in new processes or in the recovery and maintenance of used parts.

We provide service to a wide variety of sectors, including textiles, cork, graphics and the rubberising of rollers, among others.

outros setores industriais: revestimentos antiaderentes para roll pvc

Most common features and main benefits of industrial coatings:

revestimento anti-aderência


revestimento baixo coeficiente de fricção

Low friction coefficient

revestimento propriedades dielétricas

Dielectric properties

revestimento alta resistência térmica

High thermal resistance

revestimento resistência à corrosão

Corrosion resistance

revestimento hidrofobia e oleofobia

Hydrophobia and oleophobia

revestimento propriedades condutivas

Conductive properties