Praimer Revestimentos Antiaderentes

Praimer: non-stick and anti-corrosion coatings

Since our beginning in 1999, we have been engaged in applying technical coatings for industrial sectors. With our experience and then our inclusion in the Coatresa Group in 2008, in addition to our specialisation in the world of industrial bakeries and food, we have the knowledge to offer the best non-stick solutions and anti-corrosive treatments.

Our plant is located in Ponta Grossa, Brazil. With 5,000 m² of surface area, it is one of the most advanced and automated plants. We have equipment for the automatic application of coatings for parts coming from all industrial sectors, thereby optimising their production processes.

By joining the Coatresa Group, we have access to an exclusive coatings technology called Testrong, a range of specialised non-stick treatments for the industrial bakery and pastry products sector. Its high performance and benefits are highly proven in the European market, thus contributing a high-value technology to the Brazilian market.

PRAIMER’s modern automated lines, together with Coatresa’s know-how, make PRAIMER the benchmark company in Brazil in the application of non-stick coatings in the bakery sector.

Grupo Coatresa

The Coatresa Group was established based on the need to offer a comprehensive technical coating application service to an expanding and global industrial market.

The group is composed of several companies that, in various geographical areas, have extensive experience in the coatings and surface treatments sector and are engaged in offering the best solutions to customers of various industrial sectors. They all have expertise in applying technical PTFE-based coatings such as Teflon®Xylan®Halar® and Rilsan®, in addition to other non-stick coatings such as rubber, silicone, EPDM and polyurethane rubber, which offer unique industrial coating solutions.

Evolution of the brand

Praimer e Grupo Coatresa