ptfe cataphoresis for agricultural machinery rotor


Cataphoresis is a method of coating by immersion that consists of the contribution of a solid component with an electrical charge and in dispersion on the surface of the object to be coated with an opposite electrical charge. In this process, cathodic electrodeposition occurs, where the charged particles move within an electric field towards the pole of opposite sign (Cataphoresis is the displacement towards the cathode).

Cataphoresis application

It is applied to metal parts that need to conduct electrical current. To obtain a uniform paint film, the parts must go through these phases:

  • Degreasing and phosphating treatment
  • Immersion in cataphoresis painting
  • Baking of parts for polymerisation


The properties obtained with cataphoresis are:

silver cataphoresis for automotive support
ptfe cataphoresis for centering devices
black plasticized cataphoresis for junction box in chemical sector