Senotherm® Coatings

Senotherm® is the Weilburger brand that offers a wide range of high-temperature resistant coatings for various types of surfaces exposed to extreme thermal loads. These coatings are ideal for applications in:

  • Stoves
  • Stove ducts
  • Chimneys
  • Cooktops and kitchen plates
  • Barbecues and smoking grills
  • Technical sector, functional parts

Senotherm® is a leader in the European market when it comes to coating technology. With over 40 years of experience in this specialized field, a continuous focus on research and development, and resulting innovations, Senotherm® has created a unique range of coating systems that meet the demanding market requirements. Whether it's stoves or fire-resistant components in the domestic environment, Senotherm® stands as the best available solution.

The quality of Senotherm® coatings is backed by rigorous standards and broad approval. Additionally, we introduce the new Non-Smoker® range, which offers innovative solutions in smoke-free coatings.

Properties of Senotherm® Coating

Senotherm® offers a groundbreaking solution for smoke emission in ovens and stoves. With its Non-Smoker® coating range, the UHT and UHT HYDRO products provide coating options that prevent smoke and odor generation during the customer's initial use and minimize the formation of contaminants such as VOCs.

Unlike conventional coatings that require final drying at temperatures above 200°C, Senotherm® Non-Smoker® coatings cure completely at room temperature. Customers can enjoy their stoves without interruptions from the very beginning, without worrying about smoke and odor generation during the initial use.

Advantages of Non-Smoker® Coatings

  • o annoying smoke or odor for the end customer
  • Final curing at room temperature (18-23°C)
  • Sustainable and more sensitive coating
  • Increased robustness for transportation and final assembly
  • No longer need to perform costly removal of hardened overspray separately, as it can now be discarded as common commercial waste.

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