Resicoat® Coatings

AkzoNobel offers Resicoat® powder coatings, a solvent-free solution that offers superior protection for coated parts in harsh environments. These powder coatings have a lower environmental footprint than equivalent liquids and do not contain VOCs or heavy metals in their formulation.

Resicoat® also holds a global environmental certification, SMaRT, and has the potential to reduce coating costs. In addition to its use in corrosion protection in valves, Resicoat® powder coatings are employed for insulation and corrosion protection in electronic components, among other applications.

Properties of Resicoat® Coating

The range of Resicoat® powder products is applicable in various industrial sectors, providing solutions such as:


Electrical Insulation Coating
Resicoat® powder coatings have been used for electrical insulation applications since the late 1960s, and since then, they have been continuously improved and developed to meet the needs of new dielectric applications. The Resicoat® EL series offers epoxy powder coatings for insulating laminations in motors, metal bars in electrical distribution systems, as well as for small components like magnetic cores. These coatings offer an effective and durable solution to ensure high-quality electrical insulation in various applications.

Exterior and Interior Pipe Coating
Pipes are vital for transporting various energy resources, such as oil, natural gas, petrochemicals, and water. For this reason, it is crucial for them to operate safely and efficiently throughout their service life. To ensure this safety, it is essential to combine cathodic protection with protective coatings like Resicoat®. This combination not only helps to avoid high maintenance costs but also prevents potential environmental damage that could occur from leaks due to corrosion.

Coating for Rebar
The Resicoat® RB range protects the corrugated rebars used in the construction of reinforced concrete structures against corrosion. These coatings are designed to meet the most demanding standards, such as ASTM A775 and the US DOT's certification. Additionally, Resicoat® RB is available in flexible and non-flexible versions to adapt to a wide variety of construction sector needs. Moreover, it ensures the durability and reliability of concrete structures, thereby reducing long-term maintenance costs.

Coating for Valves and Fittings
The Resicoat R4 series of powder coatings has been specifically developed for applications that require exceptional resistance in hostile environments, such as the oil and gas industry and drinking water transportation. These epoxy powder coatings are approved for use in drinking water applications worldwide and also hold certifications for gas and biogas applications. The sealed and non-porous surface of Resicoat R4 protects valves from corrosion and reduces friction between the conveyed medium and the connection, thus preventing the accumulation of salts and organic materials on the coated surfaces.

References for Resicoat

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