Molydag Coatings®

Acheson's Molydag® line of products are resin coatings with lubricating properties, specially formulated for a variety of industrial, consumer and military applications. Its most prominent feature is its ability to provide a dry lubrication film on components that are not accessible after assembly, but must function reliably.

Additionally, these coatings provide high performance, even with a very thin layer of just 8 microns, ensuring there is no interference with the mechanical tolerances of lubricated components.

Properties and benefits of Molydag® Coatings


Acheson's Molydag® series of products can be applied by a variety of techniques including brushing, dipping, spinning or spraying. These coatings have a wide range of applications, including the following:

  • Construction team
  • Cold starting machinery
  • Commercial machines
  • Threaded connections
  • Jet engine parts
  • Farm Equipment
  • Components of woodworking equipment
  • Safety belt mechanisms in aeronautics
  • Mining equipment
  • High tension nuts and bolts
  • Safety equipment


Main benefits of Molydag® Products :

  • Good adhesion to metals
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Good shelf life
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Resistance to many chemicals and solvents (see chemical resistance requirements MIL-L-8937-D).


Molydag® References: